How Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Are Predicted to Handle Their Breakup

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Emily Maynard and Jef Holm still haven’t officially announced their breakup and when Reality Steve first alleged The Bachelorette couple were through, he told fans there wouldn’t be one for a week or two.

Steve updated his spoilers blog on Friday in which he answered emails from his readers. Several wanted to know details he knows about the split between Emily and Jef. A lot of requests were written to him wanting the proof he had over their engagement ending. Reality Steve answered one reader’s email predicting how Emily and Jef will handle the breakup. He speculated on how they will treat each other in the media as well.

Reality Steve wrote:

“I don’t know any of the particular reasons for the break up, I just know they broke up last weekend. Sure, I’ve heard numerous stories over the last two months about things that have gone on, which all leads to the break up. But nothing is definitive and the public will never get their answers regarding that. These two will release a statement, I guarantee they don’t mud sling, they’ll spout off some niceties towards each other, and that’ll be that. The Jemily fans will still blame their breakup on the media, and people living in reality will see it was just another failed couple from this franchise that barely knew each other when they got engaged, entered the real world of dating, and things didn’t work out. Happened in 22 of the 24 seasons now. No one should be surprised.”

When Emily Maynard split up with Brad Womack after last season’s The Bachelor, neither of them exchanged barbs or blamed each other in the press. Emily and Jef appear to be mature and above that type of behavior, so it’s not out of line to believe they will always say nice things about each other publicly long after the breakup is announced.

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