How far into your pregnancy did you work?

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I have one more day of work left until my maternity leave begins. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and about to be 36 weeks. I decided to stop working a month early because it is getting harder to be on my feet and move comfortably at this point. My doctor had no problem letting me go out a month early….so  one more day and i am done until after I have this baby! It has been a lot harder working then I thought it would be. Most days getting out of bed is a challenge in itself, let alone working all day! How many other women out there found this as tough as I have? How long before your due date did you stop working? 


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im 30 years old. i am married to the love of my life. i have one daughter who is 18 months old. Her name is Hayden and she is my world. I work as a teachers assistant in a food service shop class with high school aged special needs kids. i spend most of

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