‘How I Met Your Mother’ ‘Perfect Cocktail’ Recap and Review

On How I Met Your Mother season six, episode 22 titled “Perfect Cocktail,” the story of the Arcadian’s fate just took a bizarre turn, and it involves the entire gang.

Zoey has a new advocate

While Ted (Josh Radnor) and Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) may avoid talking about the one touchy subject of their relationship—the Arcadian—she’s getting other HIMYM friends on her side. After Marshall (Jason Segel) gets mad at GNB because of Hobbs’s horrible referral, he becomes Zoey’s lawyer.
Ted doesn’t want to talk about it. Rather, he says, “So Oprah is retiring. What is that world going to be like?”

But Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) doesn’t turn a blind eye to Marshall’s turn to the dark side on How I Met Your Mother. And so begins a stellar sequence of pranks. While Barney taints everything Marshall’s lips touch—from a megaphone to drinks—Marshall interferes every time Barney hits on a girl.

The war of pranks turns into a throw-down at McLaren’s, and, for the first time in HIMYM history, the gang gets banned from the bar.

Robin and Lily design a fight-ending How I Met Your Mother cocktail

Before Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) figure out a way to save Marshall and Barney’s friendship, they become fiercely protective of their HIMYM McLaren’s booth. A girl keeps giving them the walk-by and stink-eye, and she won’t give up until she has their seat. “I hope this drink isn’t teething, because it’s about to get nursed,” Robin says.

That random storyline, though, is overshadowed by the way in which Robin and Lily solve things between Marshall and Barney. They want the guys to get the right kind of mellow drunk so they can make amends. But what alcohol will do the trick? Cue yet another awesomely hilarious montage of how the friends have reacted to alcohol over the years.

Barney finds a sad clarity when he drinks wine. Marshall almost got in a fight with himself—because of a mirror—after drinking straight-up gin. Lily hits on Robin every time she sips martinis. Robin thinks she’s floating when she consumes absinthe. When Marshall drinks his fruity girlie daiquiris, he becomes consumed with how beautiful he is. When Barney takes down peppermint schnapps, he becomes Richard Dawson and kisses women on the mouth. And when Ted has bourbon? He thinks he’s a good beat-boxer.

After cross-referencing all alcohol against Marshall and Barney’s reactions, they think they have the “perfect cocktail” solution. They start with gin, creating a fight. They then serve them whiskey to make them emotionally vulnerable and pathetically honest. Then with daiquiris, they’re up and having fun.

“Dance my puppets, dance,” Robin declares.

But they didn’t prepare for the guys ordering tequila all on their own. Marshall and Barney disappear to McLaren’s, where things don’t go well. “Kids,” Future Ted says, “Don’t drink tequila.”

Luckily, Carl (Joe Nieves) the bartender is there to save the day. He gives them beer, the big duh moment of the How I Met Your Mother night. The guys calm down and make up… until the girls go and ruin it by ordering champagne, one too many drinks. Sober, the boys don’t remember making up.

And now Marshall and Zoey have someone new on their side.

A night at the Arcadian

Where is Ted and Zoey in all this? Ted changes their Martha’s Vineyard weekend away to a night in the Arcadian. If she can last until sunrise, he’ll join her side. That bet is not so easily won. Ted talks about the STDs of prostitute ghost. They discover their bathroom is shared. The lights flicker.

But Ted also finally asks the one question he hasn’t all along: Why is Zoey so fiercely defensive of the Arcadian? Because she grew up living there. For the first time ever, Ted admits he loves her… and then the moment is ruined in the best way possible.

A cockamouse—the creature discovered in How I Met Your Mother season one—scurries across the floor. And it has babies! Ted is thrilled at rediscovering the cockamouse, but Zoey calls it a night.

But Ted doesn’t “win” this bet. After Zoey’s story, he’s on her side, too.

The story of the Arcadian isn’t over, but it is one step closer to the demise of Zoey and Ted. After all, Future Ted has warned us that they won’t last—but what will be their breaking point?

How I Met Your Mother airs on CBS Mondays at 8PM Eastern.

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