‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: An Engagement Proposal on ‘Final Page Part Two’

In the How I Met Your Mother “Final Page: Part Two” conclusion, Ted (Josh Radnor) knows that Robin (Cobie Smulders) deserves to know about Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) plan to propose to Patrice (Ellen D. Williams) on the roof of the World Wide News building—but will Ted say anything?

Read a recap of Barney’s proposal plan, which he revealed in “Final Page: Part One,” here.

All of this is going down on the night of the grand opening of the GNB building. Everyone is planning on going—even Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) who are spending their first full night away from Marvin—but Barney. Ted claims that Barney said something was legendary, accepted a challenge, and winked. Yep, that sounds like Barney… but Robin wants to know what’s really going on.

But rather than tell her the truth on HIMYM “Final Page: Part Two,” Ted invites Robin to be his date to the grand opening.

Yet, as it always seems to be with Ted, he has doubts about his decisions. Just after Marshall and Lily break away from Marvin and Mickey—after their nightly lullaby that includes bells, whistles, a trombone, and xylophone, among other noises—Ted calls Marshall: “Bar. Now.”

Despite the fact that their minute-by-minute itinerary has Lily and Marshall doing hand stuff in the cab, Marshall goes to help his best friend—and he has some surprising advice: Don’t tell Robin about Barney’s proposal. Why not? Some part of Ted wants to end up with Robin, and Ted needs to stop putting other people in front of his own feelings.

But Ted isn’t convinced, believing that if Robin still has feelings for Barney on How I Met Your Mother, she deserves to go after Barney one last time. He doesn’t want to be selfish. “Tell that to the onion rings we just split,” Marshall says.

At the end of their convo, Ted promises not to say a word to Robin, and he picks up Robin—in a stunning red dress—in his limo driven by none other than Ranjit (Marshall Manesh), of course.

But when Robin tells Ted to tell Ranjit about the big thing happening that night, Ted doesn’t talk about GNB. Rather, he tells Robin about Barney’s planned engagement proposal. “I thought you deserved to know, in case you wanted to do something about it,” Ted says.

So does she?

Before that decision is made, a drunk Lily is at the GNB party with Marshall (or the floor is uneven). It turns out the two parents aren’t that good at cutting the cord. When they see another baby dressed in a tuxedo, Lily starts lactating… and Marshall does too. And then they wallow in the corner like idiots.

That storyline aside, it’s about Robin tonight, and she doesn’t want to run after Barney anymore… and then she hears where Barney is proposing, and she can’t believe Patrice. That’s Robin’s favorite spot in the city!

So Robin tries to turn the tables and talk about Ted’s awesome building. And she declares, “maybe the future Mrs. Ted Mosby is going to be there!” And with the look Ted gives, it’s clear he’s still struggling with his feelings for Robin.

But then Ranjit pulls up to the WWN building. So will Robin make small talk with bankers, or follow her heart and knock that ring out of Barney’s hand?

She’s still not convinced, and so Ted finally admits something, both to Robin and himself. Eight years ago, he made an ass out of himself chasing Robin, but he has no regrets—because that’s how they became friends. “As your friend, and a leading expert in the field of making an ass of yourself, I say to you… get the hell out of this car.”

Robin finally does, and on the roof she discovers rose petals everywhere, along with a sheet of paper entitled “The Robin.” And that’s because it’s the last play in Barney’s book. In fact, nearly the entirety of HIMYM season eight was Barney’s biggest and best play ever.

He planned everything from their drunken kiss, to making Robin go nuts, to asking Patrice for help (and pretending that they were dating). He even counted on his meddling friends with no boundaries to break into his apartment and stage an intervention for Robin. Part of his plan too was to tell Ted the news first; if he told Robin about Barney and Patrice, then Barney believed that Ted was giving his blessing.

Robin is under a mistletoe now—but what does she think about all this? “This is too far,” she declares.”You lied to me… manipulated me for weeks. Do you think I could ever trust you after that?”

But Barney is still smiling. She’s claiming Barney set her free by proving why they don’t work. And then he asks her to turn the paper over. “Hope she says yes,” is the final step of “The Robin.”

And, of course, she says yes, because that’s the perfect ending—and beginning—to the love story of Barney and Robin.

Back at GNB, everyone is raising a glass to toast Ted, saying, “None of this would have been possible without him.” And that goes for Barney and Robin too. Now that they’re together, it begs the question: What’s next for Ted?

What did you think of How I Met Your Mother “Final Page: Part Two”? Did you see the proposal playing out that way? And what do you think is next for the unlucky in love architect?

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