‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: Barney and Robin’s Wedding in ‘Farhampton’

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How I Met Your Mother season eight is here with “Farhampton,” and since it might be the CBS comedy’s last, there’s a lot the show needs to start wrapping up even with 21 or so episodes to go. But first? The comedy starts where it left off in season seven: with Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin’s (Cobie Smulders) wedding.

While Barney is freaking out over the wedding, claiming he needs his cornflower blue tie, Robin the bride has called Ted (Josh Radnor) to her bridal suite. She too has the jitters and doesn’t think she can go through the wedding. To get her over her cold feet, she asks Ted to tell her a story. And Ted chooses to go back to May of 2012, a time when most of the couples were gloriously happy.

Barney and Quinn (Becki Newton) just got engaged, Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) just had baby Marvin, and Ted and Victoria (Ashley Williams) were riding off into the sunset. Robin on the other hand? She’s just happy to get the poppyseed out of her teeth. Although she too has someone new in her life.

What will Quinn do when she finds out about Barney and Robin?
In How I Met Your Mother “Farhampton,” Barney and Quinn are in the throes of planning their wedding, and that includes Quinn planning her bridal party. And she wants Lily and Robin to be a part of it. That’s because she doesn’t know that Robin and Barney once dated. In fact, Barney is determined to make sure she never finds out.

That’s why he’s edited Robin out of his life, even putting a tiger in place of her in a photo. But he didn’t count on Lily and Marshall and how exhausted they are. They attempt to keep his secret, but they failed to remember they just invited Quinn into Marvin’s room.

Quinn, naturally, is none too pleased with the news about Barney’s past. So, he tries to explain the history of it all, and in one of the best moments of the HIMYM premiere, he basically recounts the entire past seven seasons in just 52 seconds. “Also I went on the Price is Right, and I won a dune buggy,” he finishes.

It helps that Robin reassures Quinn that she’s moved on (even though fans don’t believe that), claiming she has a boyfriend of her own, Nick (Michael Trucco), and she could spend all day touching his abs. And when Quinn meets him, she sees just that. So, for now, Barney and Quinn are still together.

Will Victoria and Ted really last?
The reunited lovebirds might be driving away from the church, but Ted decides they have to go back to leave a note explaining why she left Klaus (Thomas Lennon) at the altar. “That note is what keeps you sane. You read it, you re-read it, you memorize it, you sniff it because it smells like her, and then you let it go, tied to a brick right through her suburban bay window,” Ted says.

But the problem is that Victoria can’t bring herself to go back into the church, and she needs Ted to do it. High jinx ensue. He can’t climb the drain pipe. Then he can’t get by Klaus’s giant of a sister; he solves that by asking Barney to seduce her over the phone so she goes into the broom closet. Then he leaves his car keys in the room… but when he goes back to the drain pipe, he discovers Klaus escaping.

Now Klaus is the bad guy, not Victoria. But wait. Ted realizes he needs to ask Klaus why he’s leaving Victoria at the altar. And so he goes to the Farhampton bus stop to find out why. What ensues is some random German, and Klaus telling Ted something that Ted should have realized long ago.

Klaus wants a “lifelong treasure of destiny,” but Victoria is “almost the thing he wants but not quite.” (It sounds much better in German). And how do you know if you find a lifelong treasure? As Robin goes to an address that Barney gives her, 622 W. 14th Street, Klaus tells Ted that “it happens instantaneously.”

As Robin finds a box of photos of Barney and Robin that Barney just couldn’t part with, Klaus says, “You feel it throughout your body, in your hands, in your heart, in your stomach, in your skin.” Somehow fans know that it’ll work out between Barney and Robin, and this moment needed to happen. Quinn worried that Robin wasn’t over Barney when really she should have worried that Barney isn’t over Robin.

And then there’s one final moment. Ted didn’t know where or when he’d meet the woman of his dreams, but he’s been in that “where” before.

The night of Barney and Robin’s wedding, as Ted is sitting at the Farhampton bus stop, a girl pulls up in a taxi. She’s carrying a guitar, and she’s also holding a yellow umbrella that’s covering her face. It’s just one more clue in the mystery of who the mother is. Fans still have another 21 episodes to go.

How I Met Your Mother airs on CBS Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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