‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: Will Quinn Sign ‘The Pre-Nup’?

How I Met Your Mother season eight started on a happy note with the summer of love. But with happiness comes no good stories, and so Future Ted fast forwards to October 2012, which becomes the Autumn of break-ups. And that first break-up happens in only the second episode of the season, “The Pre-Nup.”

Of course, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) takes the idea of the pre-nuptial agreement from his HIMYM boss Artillery Arthur (Bob Odenkirk) and runs with it, including rules like, if there’s a divorce, he still gets weekly visits with the lady parts. He also included things like Quinn (Becki Newton) will owe $2,000 every time she gains a pound. And it only gets more ridiculous from there.

Still, he claims that he just wants “a healthy modern day marriage based on the respect of two equals.” But really, he daydreams of a legally mandated morning pillow fight time.

Amazingly, or maybe not, considering this is the crazy How I Met Your Mother, Barney gets the guys on his side, claiming they all have something they’d like renegotiate in their relationship. Let the fighting begin!

Marshall (Jason Segel) thinks Lily (Alyson Hannigan) is “too precious” with the baby. After all, she did go into “primal protective mother” mode when Marshall tosses little Marvin into the air. Now Marshall is determined to play with his son how he sees fit.

For Nick (Michael Trucco) and Robin (Cobie Smulders), there’s the “TV thing.” Just as they start getting intimate, she gets distracted by TV. “I didn’t realize it took 44 inches to keep you satisfied,” he says. But really, it’s worse than that, or so she admits to only her girl friends. Robin is watching herself on TV, because it makes her feel confident and sexy. It doesn’t stop there. She even winks at her future self during the broadcast.

Then comes Ted (Josh Radnor) and Victoria (Ashley Williams). Ted acted all heroic when he invited Victora’s ex-fiancee Klaus (Thomas Lennon) to live with them after he lost his job and got evicted. But then things, naturally, get awkward — like Klaus walking around naked and hearing everything that goes on in their bedroom.

So what are the HIMYM girls to do? Draft Quinn’s counter pre-nup of course. This one includes such things as, if they get divorced, she gets custody of Barney’s suits so she can watch them go out of style. Even better, she gets a shock collar, or more like a ring, for when Quinn’s attractive friends come over.

Then ridiculousness, even more so than before, ensues when the guys come to Barney’s defense. All the couples start fighting, and it’s Arthur who finally gets them to shut up. “Love is trusting someone enough to tell them what’s really bothering you,” he says.

For Marshall and Lily, that’s simple, because nothing will truly ever rock this couple again. But Marshall was worried he wasn’t a good enough parent, and Lily admits she has trust issues because of her dad. But she knows Marshall will always be there to catch.

For Ted, he’s scared they’ll never escape the past, while Victoria feels guilty for how happy she is.

For Nick, he’s worried Robin doesn’t find him sexy enough. So she admits the truth about being turned on by watching herself. So, they’re “cool.”

Where does that leave Barney and Quinn? Not in a good spot. After they refuse to throw out their massive pre-nups, Quinn reflects, “It should be simpler than this, shouldn’t it?” They both then admit that they don’t trust each other. It’s over between Quinn and Barney, and it’s only episode two of HIMYM season eight.

And what has Barney learned for quite possibly his longest and healthiest relationship yet? “I found out I’ll never trust someone enough to get married,” he claims. But then the show fast forwards to what fans want to see… a future between Robin and Barney, a little ways down the road.

In October 2012, Barney might see his single life as legendary, but in the not-too-distant future, he thinks his wedding will be legendary. And, no, he won’t be needing that pre-nup when he gets married to Robin.

How I Met Your Mother airs on CBS Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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