‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 Premiere ‘Farhampton’ Preview: Wedding Plans and Jitters

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How I Met Your Mother returns to CBS with its eighth season on September 24 with the premiere, “Farhampton.” It’s already been revealed that Robin will be marrying Barney in the future, but the first episode of the season will also be showing some of the planning going into Barney’s wedding in the present, as he’s engaged to Quinn.

HIMYM Season 8 Episode 1 “Farhampton” Promo

“Robin’s anxiety on her wedding day to Barney prompts Ted to recount the time he insisted on leaving Victoria’s jilted fiancé a note before they drove off into the sunset together.”

Pre-wedding jitters are normal, and considering who’s involved, it’s no surprise that both the bride and the groom are going to have them at their future wedding. Will their friends be able to calm them down? What will be going on in the present?

The How I Met Your Mother season 8 premiere promo for episode 1 “Farhampton” (below) shows Ted presumably calming down Robin with “Barney Stinson is absolutely, 100 percent going through with this wedding,” but the groom will be dealing with nerves as well. Fortunately, Marshall and Lily will be there to drag him away from the window as he insists, “I have a better tie at home.” Those two at least seem to be on the same page and nervous—it’s just up to their friends to switch that around so they’re both ready to get married.

Meanwhile in the present, Barney and Quinn are planning their wedding, and they have different ideas about what they want to see happen. Quinn has chosen her bridesmaids—and no, while Marshall’s honored, he’s not one of them. But could Lily spilling that Barney and Robin used to date where Quinn can hear it (and what was Quinn doing sitting behind the door? That’s certainly strange) lead to problems? Fans already know those two will be breaking up, and the conversation that follows about Barney and Robin is sure to be awkward and could lead to future issues for the couple, as October is not going to be a good month for Barney, Robin, and Ted’s current relationships.

What do you think of the How I Met Your Mother season 8 episode 1 preview for the premiere, “Farhampton”?

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