‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 Spoilers: How a Couple Gets Back Together

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How I Met Your Mother‘s eighth season is going to begin with three couples together that will be breaking up pretty soon into the season (October is not going to be a good month for relationships if you’re not Marshall and Lily). It’s already known that Robin’s Barney’s future bride, and while they may both be having some pre-wedding jitters, they do have to get back together in the present. How will that happen?

HIMYM Season 8 Spoilers about Barney and Robin

HowIMetYourMotherAccording to TVLine, they’ll “begin finding their way back to one another during November sweeps.” Executive producer Craig Thomas has teased, ” I think we’ve come up with a fun, weirdly appropriate way to reunite them in a whole new way that I hope everyone will like. It’s sort of a weird way to get them back together, but it’s really fun.” Would you expect anything else for Barney and Robin after everything?

Just because How I Met Your Mother season 8 is going to see Barney and Robin back together at some point and on their wedding way in the future doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy journey to get to where they are in the future. That’s likely going to include however they reunite. After all, each starts the season in another relationship, and they can’t just jump back into a relationship together. But who will be the one to make the first move? How will it happen? What will be the reactions from their friends to this reunion? Could that depend on this “fun, weirdly appropriate way” they get back together?

What do you think of the latest How I Met Your Mother season 8 spoilers?

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