‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 Spoilers: Keeping Marshall and Lily in the Group

How I Met Your Mother is going to have to figure out how to still show Marshall and Lily spending time in the bar with the others while they juggle being new parents, but fortunately, they already have a plan in place—and it’s an amusing one.

HIMYM Season 8 Spoilers

HowIMetYourMotherExecutive producer Craig Thomas told TV Guide, “We obviously orchestrated Marshall and Lily coming back to that apartment so they’d be right above the bar. Marshall and Lily have to still be a part of this group. There’s going to be a lot of tag team and they’re going to devise a system where they each get 15 minutes, like when she joins in, she takes the second half of Marshall’s beer and orders another one and Marshall will come and get it. They’re going to figure out how they can have a life and be parents.”

This should make for some amusing moments in How I Met Your Mother season 8, but they’ll also have to find someone to watch their baby so they can both spend time in the bar with their friends at the same time. After all, you can’t just have Marshall in some scenes, then Lily in others. Sure, it can last for a short time, but not forever. Could this be what they do before they get a babysitter? Perhaps they’re not ready to leave Marvin with a stranger in the beginning and so this plan comes into play. Then, eventually, one of them (or Ted, Barney, or Robin) suggests just getting a babysitter, and they can use the process of finding one for some laughs, then get the group all together once again in their booth.

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