‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 Spoilers: Marshall and Lily’s Social Life and Marvin

How I Met Your Mother season 7 ended with everyone talking about Barney and Robin getting married in the future and Ted riding off with Victoria in the present. But what about what’s coming up for Marshall and Lily, who welcomed baby Marvin Wait For It in the first part of the finale?

HIMYM Season 8 Spoilers

HowIMetYourMotherAccording to TV Gide, Craig Thomas has said that “the Eriksens will struggle with fitting the baby into their social life,” but he also pointed out that baby Marvin is “definitely not [around] all the time.” That’s because of the fact that babies aren’t so easy to film, which gives them “a way for Marshall and Lily to stay part of the group even though they have something enormous making them stay at home.” Fortunately, they do live right above the bar, so if they get nervous about leaving Marvin with a sitter, they can run right upstairs if they’re just hanging out downstairs—they can’t bring him to the bar all the time (or rather, shouldn’t). There are obviously easy ways for them to make it work so that Marshall and Lily aren’t always just at home while the others are out or the others don’t have to just hang out in their apartment because of the baby. Those scenes can happen too, but it’s not going to be hard for them to explain why they’re not looking after Marvin every minute.

Meanwhile, there’s also the fact that they can’t stay at home forever and do have to return to their jobs. Thomas said, “They will get help from the last place they’d expect.” Could Barney come up with a solution for them to help them find a sitter? Could Mickey volunteer to babysit in How I Met Your Mother season 8 (though he’s not exactly someone you would outright trust to watch a baby)?

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