‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 Spoilers: Present and Future Relationships, Surprises, and Season 9

How I Met Your Mother season 8 has quite a few obstacles to address to get these characters to where they will be in the future. In the present, Ted’s with Victoria, Barney’s with Quinn, and Robin will be getting her own new romance. So how will they get Ted with his future wife and Barney and Robin about to get married like teased in the flash forward?

HIMYM Season 8 Spoilers

HowIMetYourMotherTVLine talked to Craig Thomas about what’s coming up, and they did tease where the current relationships will be going on their paths to ending. Thomas did reveal, “We’re calling October, ‘Breakup Month,'” citing it as “the month where some stuff went crazy in these relationships.” Will one of those relationships be Ted and Victoria’s? Thomas did say that “Victoria is around for a while,” but she’s that relationship that is the one before you’re “actually ready to move forward and meet the person you’re going to spend your life with.” That means that whatever happens with Victoria is going to directly affect his future. For seven seasons now (going on eight), fans have been wondering about the identity of the mother of Ted’s children. HIMYM season 8 is going to be about Ted getting to that place, and it sounds like he needed this time with Victoria to become the man he will be in the future.

Meanwhile, there’s the matter of Barney and Robin. They’re going to be getting back together and getting married, but how will they reach that point? Michael Trucco is returning, and that’s going to be Robin’s relationship this season. Considering Barney’s engaged in the present to Quinn, that’s a bigger obstacle to conquer than the end of Robin’s new relationship. Thomas did say that while Barney and Robin are “probably as far apart as they can possibly be” in the premiere, “there’s going to be some relationship carnage to free them to do that.” It’s something you knew was coming ever since they revealed that Robin is in fact Barney’s future bride, and it sounds like they’re handling it in such a way that the present relationships aren’t stretching out for so long that they get annoying since you know they’re going to be ending.

Speaking of Barney and Robin, more of their wedding day will be seen in the premiere. In fact, Thomas teased, “We jump further into that day and show you more information deeper into that wedding day that I think will blow some people’s minds. …It’s the day Ted meets the mother. And we jump perilously deep into that day and show you some glimpses of some really huge stuff that’s happening. We jump to the end of that wedding day and show you something crazy.” Just how crazy is it going to get? Fans have been waiting for years for anything about the mother, and it does seem like they’ll be showing some more clues. But what could happen at the end of the wedding day that’s going to be so crazy? Is someone from the past going to show up? Is someone going to drop a bombshell at the reception?

Craig Thomas also addressed the fact that a ninth season is a possibility. He did say that they “have to proceed as though [season 8] could be the last year,” but they are “thrilled” whether they get another season or not. He did acknowledge that they “couldn’t possibly know soon enough.” Considering the format of the show and what questions they have left to address, this is certainly among those shows where they do need to know when their end date is coming. While it would be nice to see a ninth season, at the same time, you don’t want another season that feels like they’re stretching a storyline out because they addressed most of what they wanted to the previous year. Hopefully CBS makes a decision sooner rather than later so that any upcoming seasons are just as they should be as planned by the creators.

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