‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 Spoilers: Robin’s Love Interest Revealed

How I Met Your Mother ended its seventh season with the big reveal that many fans had been waiting for: Robin is Barney’s future bride. However, in the present, Barney and Quinn are engaged. So what’s coming up for Robin? That would be a new romance.

HIMYM Season 8 Spoilers

HowIMetYourMotherExecutive producer Craig Thomas had revealed, “We’re going to introduce a new love interest for Robin right away. It’s not going to be Barney and Robin together immediately, because they’re too tangled up in other things… We’ll show you how that [new] relationship ends up leading her back to Barney.” Well, now it seems like that “new love interest for Robin” has been revealed, as TVLine has reported that Michael Trucco is returning “for a chunk of” How I Met Your Mother season 8. Things didn’t work out for Robin and him when he first appeared, but it seems like that’s going to change now.

Yes, Barney and Robin are heading down the aisle at that future wedding, but Robin’s not just going to be waiting around for Barney until they get back together. Besides, the new romance in Robin’s life is supposed to be what leads to her getting back together with Barney. Will this new romance lead to Barney getting jealous and perhaps in some way contribute to the end of his engagement? Even though you know that future wedding is coming up, it should still be interesting to see how Robin’s new relationship plays out and how it leads to her and Barney being the people who are ready to get married to one another in the future.

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