‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 Spoilers: Ted and Victoria, Premiere and Episode 2 Timeline

How I Met Your Mother season 7 didn’t just end with the big reveal that Robin is Barney’s future bride. In the present, Ted was with Victoria as she left behind her own wedding. What’s coming up next?

HIMYM Season 8 Spoilers

HowIMetYourMotherEntertainment Weekly talked to executive producer Craig Thomas, and he dropped some hints about HIMYM season 8 episodes 1 and 2. He did reveal that “the season premiere picks up right where we left off in May, with Ted and Victoria — a runaway bride — driving off into the sunset. Suddenly, Ted is struck by horrible guilt over the fact that he was left at the altar back in season 4 and now finds himself on the other end of that dubious equation.” This situation seems to be a big enough one to get Marshall and Lily’s attention, but will Ted talk to them since they did just become parents? Will he realize on his own over the course of the day that he’s making the wrong decision? That seems likely, but where will this lead Ted in his life? Will it be part of what puts him on the journey to be where he’s ready to meet his own future bride and get started on the future?

Thomas went on to say, “So the entire premiere takes place on that day in May — a first for us, starting a season that way — and then episode two jumps us through the summer and into September.” What will have happened in that time? Will Barney and Quinn still be happy together, or will things be rocky in that relationship? Everyone’s waiting to see what How I Met Your Mother season 8 brings, especially in terms of how they’ll get Barney and Robin back together (if that will happen this season). There is Ted’s journey to look forward to as well. When will they introduce the “mother” of the entire series?

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