‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 Spoilers: The ‘Craziest Girl’ They’ve Ever Met

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How I Met Your Mother‘s eighth season premieres on September 24, and by the end of October, three relationships are going to be over. Does the latest casting news involve a new relationship for one of the group?

HIMYM Season 8 Spoilers

HowIMetYourMotherAccording to Entertainment Weekly, Abby Elliott will be appearing in the upcoming eighth season, and executive producer Craig Thomas has revealed that she’s playing “Janeane, the craziest girl the HIMYM gang has ever encountered. And the strange, inexplicable phenomenon is: the crazier Janeane gets, the more attractive one of the gang finds her.” Unsurprisingly, “it doesn’t end well.” She’s slated to first appear “sometime in the new year.”

Could Janeane end up being a new love interest for Ted in How I Met Your Mother season 8 on his journey to finding the woman he’ll end up marrying? He’s going to begin the season with Victoria, but their relationship is going to be one of the ones that end in October. Meanwhile, this season will see Barney and Robin finally getting together and getting to the place that gets them to that future wedding after they end their own relationships. It seems more likely Janeane would attract Ted than Barney, especially with Ted being on that path to finding his wife, unless Janeane is going to be the one who finally pushes Barney back to Robin. Whatever does happen, this should be an amusing arc and one to look forward to.

What do you think of the latest How I Met Your Mother season 8 spoilers?

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