How I Met Your Mother – The Story Behind Filming “Bad News” Final Scene

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The last new episode of How I Met Your Mother, “Bad News,” featured a countdown that was leading up to something during the episode. As it got closer and closer to 1, fans were more and more nervous about what was to come. And they were right to be, because the episode ended with Marshall finding out his father had died.

Shooting the scene


Apparently the show’s producers were so intent on keeping this story line a secret that the first script they all read had Lily saying, “Marshall, I’m pregnant.” The day of shooting the scene, however, they handed over what was really going to happen in the final scene, and Jason Segel, who plays Marshall, decided he “didn’t want to know what she was going to say to [him] when she got out of that cab.” Alyson Hannigan, who plays Lily, says she made sure he was certain he didn’t want to know, and then told him, “I’m going to take some pauses and okay, the last word [for your cue] is ‘it.’” It worked for Segel, who added, “I had no idea what [Hannigan] was going to say to me. I knew the overall premise, but she came out and she was already crying and it was so heartbreaking and it made acting very easy. All I had to do was react in that scene. I didn’t have to dig very deep.”

That was the right move because it only took one take to shoot the final scene, which the producers called “perfect.” It was amazing, and the scene did shock fans. One of the story lines this season of How I Met Your Mother has been about Marshall and Lily trying to get pregnant, so it’s not a stretch to think that could be coming. It was surprising to see the show take such a dramatic turn in the final scene of an episode, but with the episode title, “Bad News,” it did make sense.

In the next episode, “Last Words,” the gang travels to Minnesota for Marshall’s father’s funeral and try to do their best to help him through it all.

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