How Justin Bieber is Spending his 18th Birthday

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Justin Bieber is one teenager who has had tremendous success with his musical ventures. But he hasn’t lost sight of the important things, such as celebrating his 18th birthday, which is coming up soon. And with a network like Bieber, one could imagine a big celebration with some of the biggest names in the music industry. But Bieber already has an idea of what he wants to do on the big day where he essentially becomes an adult.

So is Bieber planning a big party with Sean Kingston, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus and Jaden Smith on the guest list? Well, no – Bieber actually wants to spend the day with his family and close friends. A Bieber insider has shared with Hollywood Life that he will probably be going home to Stratford, Ontario to celebrate the big day. In addition to his parents, one can assume that his younger sister Jazmyn and his brother Jaxon will attend the party.

Justin Bieber may have a big surprise coming from Selena Gomez, considering the big 18 is a birthday worth celebrating. Many consider this more important than 21, because 18 is the age where one becomes an adult in Canada, allowing one to make some decisions – not all, though. However, with their busy schedules one can imagine that a home-cooked meal and curling up on the couch may just be what Bieber needs.

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