How Justin Bieber Pulled Off his ‘Titanic’ Date: New Details

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Justin Bieber’s Titanic date has caused quite a sensation. But how did he pull off such a big surprise for Selena Gomez? Here’s a rundown of what went down.

Justin had to be nervous and excited when he and Selena attended a Demi Lovato concert Friday night at the Nokia Theater. Selena was also probably happy to see her inspirational pal back on her feet and rockin’ the stage, so she had to be in a pretty good mood when the concert was over (and Demi Lovato is probably now happy to know that she played a part in one of the greatest love stories of our time).

At about 11PM, Justin told Selena to “Follow Me,” leading her down the underground tunnels that go from the Nokia Theater to the Staples Center. At that point, Selena Gomez was probably completely mystified. She probably thought Punk’d host Justin Bieber was about to prank her in some epic way — after all, those tunnels are probably pretty spooky. So it’s very possible Selena was freaking out just a bit while keeping her eyes peeled for a giant mutant rat or some other kind of tunnel-dwelling monster.

gotta lotta love for him!However, they made it to the giant arena without the Punk’d crew appearing, and this is where Justin’s date gets even more romantic than previously reported — according to TMZ, the lights in the stadium had been dimmed to create the right ambience, and there was a table for two with candles in the middle of the arena. This setup alone proves that the Biebs has some serious feelings for Selena — most teen guys would never, ever think of doing something this grown-up and romantic.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez then enjoyed a fancy dinner of steak and pasta prepared by the Lexus Club restaurant. Considering the acoustics in the stadium, it had to be just a little bit weird eating in the giant empty building (hopefully there was some soft music playing or something).

When Justin and Selena were done eating, the silence was broken as the movie Titanic appeared on the big screen.

So now that more details about this ultra-romantic date have been revealed, girls everywhere can be even more annoyed with their own guys for never thinking of doing anything so special. And it’s not like it takes millions of dollars to plan something nice — Justin paid nothing to rent out the arena since he sold out three shows there (okay, so you do have to know people that will do big favors for you to pull off a great date sometimes).

So what do you think of Justin’s date now that more details have been revealed? Was the empty Staples Center the best place for it, and was Titanic the best movie choice? Or should he have chosen something with a happier ending? And is he getting a little too serious with Selena? Sound off in the comments!

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