How Kate Middleton Topless Photos Were Successfully Snapped

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Many wonder how anyone managed to take topless photos of Kate Middleton when she wasn’t aware anyone was around. The British royal family have won one battle in making a French magazine take down the online photos from their site. It’s a controversial issue as to whether Kate’s privacy was invaded as she sunbathed topless on a boat.

A former U.K. paparazzi photographer spoke with NBC’s Today Show Tuesday morning and explained what kind of lens it required to get up-close images of the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William, while they were on a private vacation in France.

James Ambler told Today that the cost of a photographer would have to put into the magnifying camera lenses would start at $20,000. A 600 mill and had a doubler to a 1,200 mill lens with a top range camera. When the shots were taken of Kate Middleton the photographer was over a half mile away. Ambler showed a distinct example of how clear a picture could be taken of someone 10.5 football fields away across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. See video here.

Should William and Kate have been more careful about their activities aboard the boat they were on? Why would the future Queen of England attempt to risk being seen outside when it’s known how advanced technology is with long lens cameras and paparazzi so clever at hiding? These types of situations will no doubt be less frequent with this scandal hitting the royals.

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