How Kristen Stewart Got Scary Skinny for the ‘Breaking Dawn’ Death Scene

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Kristen Stewart looked downright anorexic in the Breaking Dawn Part One death scene. How did she manage to look so scary skinny? Was she really starving?

The answer is, of course, a resounding: “No way!” La Stewart wasn’t suffering from anorexia or bulimia. She did however have some truly expert make-up artists who were able to make the Twilight Saga heroine appear to be 30 pounds thinner than she actually was. Yikes. Wonder how Robert Pattinson really felt about that?

According to Breaking Dawn’s visual effects supervisors, the process of making La Stewart “scary skinny” began with observing super thin models and/or starving women actually suffering from anorexia. Then they reshaped K-Stew’s face to look like she too had an eating disorder. They actually outfitted her with “appliances” on her cheek bones, chin, and collarbone. That made her bones look exaggerated and protruding. The special effects team called the process of “altering Kristen Stewart’s body…incredibly challenging.”

It’s good that Kristen Stewart didn’t have to try to lose 30 pounds for Bella’s death scene as Christian Bale did in The Machinist. That would have been really difficult and potentially dangerous. On the other hand, Hollywood loves beautiful actresses who “uglify” themselves for their craft. Charlize Theron, who gained 20-30 pounds for her role as “serial killer” Aileen Wuornos in Monster, is a prime example. Who knows? If Kristen Stewart had actually altered her body to moribund proportions, she might have received an Oscar nomination. Or not.

It’s probably best that she didn’t try.

Note: Wonder if K-Stew’s facial bone prostheses were made by the same outfit that created Lady Gaga’s horns?

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