How Lindsay Lohan Brightened Dreadful Teeth

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Lindsay Lohan has a court date on Wednesday, and she wants to look clean, all together and totally with the program. Naturally, her stained and possibly decaying teeth have been high on the to-fix list, so a visit (or two) to her favorite dentist recently took care of the problem, reports Daily Mail.

“Thanks Dr. Dorfman for the zoom…” she tweeted yesterday. Zoom is a whitening system, dentist applied. “My gums are so sore though!” What’s a little soreness, after all Lindsay Lohan has been through? And possibly the major plug, delivered to her thousands of Twitter followers will drum up a bit of addition al business for Dr. Dorfman, which might make him inclined to lighten her bill a bit. There’s nothing like a glowing testimonial to bring in new patients. That’s the way the celeb world works, after all, and Lindsay knows how to milk the system.File:Lindsaylohanmugshot.jpg

As for the court system, she appears to be learning how that works, too, and showing up when you are scheduled is at the top of the list. Lindsay Lohan has spent a great—for her—number of hours in the morgue lately, reportedly scrubbing toilets and other fun activities.

The amount of actual work required has been a bit daunting, and Lindsay has been seen taking a few smoke breaks. There go fresh stains on those pearly teeth. But even non-smoking fans can forgive her. Spending all those hours hanging around the morgue with a mop in your hands could drive anyone to smoke. Hopefully, Lindsay Lohan’s efforts will pay off on Wednesday. Scrubbing toilets beats jail, any time.

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