How Many Calories in a Peep? Easter Sunday Candy Info

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So how many calories in a peep? That question is on the mind of many who are preparing to consume the popular Easter Sunday candy in 2011. Easter Sunday is tomorrow and there will be millions of people celebrating, with plenty of peeps consumed.

According to one site’s info, four of the regular Peeps bunnies contain 110 calories, while five of the Peeps chicks contain 140 calories.  These tasty Easter candies have 28 and 36 grams of carbs respectively.  There’s also a sugar free variety which has 60 calories per 3 chicks, with just 23 grams of carbs.  All of the peeps offer just 1 gram of protein for the most part.

The official Peeps website shows that there are more than just the few types of Peeps that are known and loved on Easter.  Peeps can be chocolate-covered or sugar-free.  There’s also apparently peeps on Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas as well, but Easter seems to be the most popular day they are consumed.

So how many calories in a Peep?  It really depends which Peep is being eaten.  No, Peeps aren’t the most healthy snack around, but they are fun for children and even adults to get in their Easter baskets.  Peeps tend to be among the popular candies given on the spring holiday along with jelly beans, peanut butter cups and chocolate eggs or rabbits!

Do you enjoy eating Peeps or do your kids enjoy them?  Will you be giving your “peeps” any Peeps on Easter?

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