How Many People Believe Hannah Anderson?

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Do you believe what Hannah Anderson is telling people? The 16-year-old San Diego teen is still recuperating from an alleged kidnapping that took her deep into the River of No Return Wilderness outside of Cascade, Idaho. Her mother Christina Anderson and her 8-year-old brother Ethan were brutally murdered and left on a property that was purposely set on fire in hopes of concealing the murders. The suspect in this case? Her father’s best friend James Lee DiMaggio, a man she grew up calling her “uncle.” Hannah notoriously accessed her account two days after her rescue, a move that put her under intense scrutiny. In fact, it may have been that move alone that triggered the mass development of suspicion against her in the eyes of many in the public. Now Hannah has been back on, and her recent comments have people talking.

Hannah Anderson 'Sick' by Mom and Brother's Autopsy Reports (Photo Credit: Jesse Grant)Hannah Anderson reportedly read her mom’s and brother’s autopsy reports, claiming that they “made her sick.” However, it seems “off” that she even chose to read the autopsy reports in the first place, considering how recent this entire ordeal was. Various online comments regarding these latest details seem to indicate suspicion about her “grieving” behavior.

Do you trust Hannah Anderson’s story in this case, or do you think there is more to it than what is being shared?

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