How Many Times Did Johnny Depp Cheat on Vanessa Paradis?

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Now that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have split and the Dark Shadows star seems to have moved on with equine lover Amber Heard, rumors are now circling about other potential affairs before the split, including one with Robin Baum, his publicist.

Radar Online had quite a bit to say on the matter, although its source remains anonymous:

Robin and Johnny spend a lot of time together obviously because of work but their relationship seems to be getting much closer than just business, Robin is twice divorced and a mom but she and Johnny really seem to have some kind of crazy connection that goes way beyond a professional level. They travel a lot together for work and get to spend a lot of time together and they definitely have a total flirty vibe between them. I would put money on them having more than just a friendly relationship.

It’s natural for Johnny Depp to be close with Robin Baum. She is his publicist, after all, and there is no law against a man and woman being friends, even within the celebrity world.

So what if Depp bought his co-star Amber Heard a horse and is close with Robin Baum? That doesn’t mean he was piddling around with them behind Vanessa Paradis’ back. The only thing that has been confirmed is that he and Vanessa have split. Depp has always been a little eccentric, and, without proof, there’s no need to chip away at his character. There will be plenty of gossip to go around when Johnny begins publicly dating again.

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