I was thinking about this today…………..

I have seen so many movies where it always seems like, whenever aliens come to conquer the earth or huge reptiles are awakened by an atomic blast or something, they always seem to want to destroy New York City first.

Most recently, in the movie "Cloverfield," a really bizarre-looking reptile (I guess it was a reptile…..didn't look much like one, though) awoke, and the first place it headed for was, of course, New York City.

In the movie "Independence Day," out of all the places in the world that those nasty murderous aliens could have started their destructive invasion, for some unexplainable reason, they chose to begin in New York City.

In Will Smith's movie, "I Am Legend," it was New York City. In the movie "Deep Impact," the gigantic asteroid plummeting toward the earth is aimed right at New York City. In the 1998 movie "Godzilla," the famous nuclear-awakened lizard wreaks havoc and destruction in……..where else??………New York City.

In the movie, "Day After Tomorrow," the entire story is basically about New York City being turned into a gigantic skating rink in a catastrophic modern ice age deep-freeze. Even as far back as 1976, in the movie "Logan's Run," it is New York City that Michael York and Jenny Agutter stumble upon after escaping from the authorities who are trying to capture them.

I think King Kong wanted to destroy New York City, but that thing he had for Fay Wray (or Jessica Lange, or Naomi Watts, if you prefer) put an end to the giant ape's destructive career before he ever got the chance.

Can any of you think of any other movies where New York City was destroyed (or, at least, partially destroyed)??

Why do you think the people who make movies find it so irresistible to want to level the city of New York just one more time??

Do you think it is because they make lousy picante sauce??

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