How Much Has Dina Lohan Contributed to Daughter Lindsay Lohan’s Dysfunction?

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Mothers have a huge responsibility to their children, and when children don’t act right, people usually look to the parents for a reason. In Lindsay Lohan’s case, you don’t have to look far. Mother Dina Lohan has acted much more like a best friend to her 24-year-old daughter than she has as a mother. Perhaps that’s why Lindsay spiraled so out of control.

After serving not even half of her jail sentence for violating her probation, Lindsay Lohan may not complete her required rehab time either, says mother Dina on The Today Show. Host Matt Lauer grilled Dina about her parenting methods and about the degree that she and ex-husband Michael contributed to Lindsay’s downfall. Calling this “propoganda”, Dina insisted that Lindsay’s situation has been “blown out of proportion”.

Well Dina, maybe if you weren’t out pounding drinks with her in nightclubs there wouldn’t be anything to “blow out of proportion”.

Your daughter is in REHAB for an alcohol ADDICTION and you’re fighting to get her out early?! Wouldn’t you want her to get all the help she possibly could?

Keep living in denial Dina… just hope the next interview you give won’t be about your daughter’s untimely death…

While Lindsay is in rehab, mom Dina Lohan and her sister Ali Lohan were spotted heading out of Lindsay's home to visit a nail salon and a dentist office this afternoon in West Hollywood, CA on August 4, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

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