How much snow did we get? Current snowfall totals by state

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A major winter storm has blanketed many parts of the United States with snow over the past 24 hours or so.  Whether you’re in Pennsylvania, Virginia, the Carolinas or Ohio, as well as many other states, you’ve probably seen a considerable amount of snowfall already.  The South was hit particularly hard starting on Friday morning.  Current snowfall totals have been estimated over 2 or 3 feet in some areas of Virginia and Washington, DC.  The snow has created states of emergency in other states including New Jersey as well as Ohio, and yesterday saw numerous businesses and schools closed due to the inclement weather.  It makes one wonder, just how much snow did we get?

It all depends on the area of the country you are in right now.  If you’re adverse to bringing a yardstick outside right now to measure your snowfall amount, you can check out a site by the National Environmental Satellite, Date and Information Service, aka the “NESDIS”.  Their site will give you the latest snowfall totals nationally or by state.  Additionally, the site provides a look at the snowfall depths for the areas.  From this site you can get a decent indication of your current snowfall totals, but you may be seeing more as the weekend continues.  The NESDIS website with snowfall map is located here, with dropdown boxes to choose days/snow depth and your state.

So how much snow did we get?  If you have a good measure of your current snowfall totals, whether you’ve judged it by eyeballing the scene or measuring outside, feel free to comment below.  How has the snow affected your ability to travel or participate in regular activities?

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