How Much Weight Has Aishwarya Rai Lost? New Video Reveals Big Surprise!

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Aishwarya Rai’s gorgeous new print ad for Kalyan Jewellers left few in doubt of the actress’s readiness to face the camera again, but even after the ad was revealed there were some who questioned whether Aish’s figure was camera-ready. new behind the scenes video of the shoot should put those questions to rest. In it, Aishwarya is seen posing in the most revealing clothing she’s worn in at least a year, and it’s safe to say she looks great.

Aish has been careful to disguise the weight she gained after giving birth to her daughter Aaradhya, wearing flowing, loose outfits and keeping her arms covered. But if the leaked video of the shoot is any indication, her commercial for Kalyan will feature her in a sleeveless gold dress that leaves her shoulders and arms bare. And while she doesn’t have the slender definition of, say, Deepika Padukone, she’s certainly several kilos lighter than she appeared during public appearances just a month or two ago.

Aishwarya has clearly been working on her fitness, and she’s done it the correct way: slowly. She didn’t rush to drop her baby weight immediately like some actresses–she did it her own way, and now she looks great! up to date with the latest, breaking news about Aishwarya: subscribe to Aishwarya Rai News on Facebook today!

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