How Niall Horan ‘Tests Out’ Potential Girlfriends

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In a recent interview, Niall Horan’s brother spilled the beans on how the One Direction guy tests out girls to see if they’re worthy of becoming his girlfriend. Thar’s right, the blond 1D hunk auditions his potential girlfriends. So, what kind of screening process does he put them through?

“They test girls out to make sure they are trustworthy,” Greg Horan tattled in an interview with The Sun. “Niall will follow you on Twitter for a while and suss you out, make sure you’re genuine and have you out — then go for it.”

Yikes. If Niall ever gets tired of being a teen idol, he sounds like a shoo-in for a job with the CIA or in his case, Her Majesty’s Secret Service. And Greg Horan admits that the girls who are being interrogated–er–interviewed for positions as prospective girlfriends never know that they’re auditioning. Niall is so adept at charming women, they are, no doubt, just too mesmerized to notice. In fact, Greg, who considers his younger famous brother “a natural ladies’ man,” admits that he sometimes asks Niall for dating advice. He’s certain Niall know how to “woo” girls.

“It’s not full on straight away,” Greg explains. “He’ll maybe go for coffee. They are all quite innocent.”

So, there you have it. Niall Horan–the big brother every guy dreams of, and date/boyfriend every girl wants.

Good luck with your Twitter auditions, ladies.

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