How old is Cher now? Actress singer Cher’s age and movies album info

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Many people are wondering how old is Cher now?  It seems as if the actress and singer has been around forever.  Some readers may even remember her “controversial” racy video back in the day where the singer was wearing a leather jacket and barely anything else on board an aircraft carrier.  Appropriately for this article that song was called “If I could Turn back time”.  So what is Cher’s age these days?

According to her bio, Cher is 63 years-old today.  She was born back on May 20, 1946, so in about a month she’ll turn 64, but still looks great for her age just like other “aged” performers including Tina Turner.  According to Cher’s age info, she’s been active in the business since back in 1963.

Some of Cher’s movie work includes “The Witches of Eastwick”, “Mask”, “Suspect”, “Mermaids” and the well known “Moonstruck”.  Cher won the Academy Award for Best actress in the last film listed back in 1987.  To date, Cher has released a total of 25 studio albums on different labels.  Cher’s best album to date according to the charts was “Believe” released in 1998, which went as high as #4 on the chart.  It also went four times platinum in the US.   Also to Cher’s credit, she’s been on People Magazine a whopping thirteen times.

Cher’s album “Heart of Stone” was released in 1989 and reached as high as #10 on the charts.  That’s the album which includes “If I Could Turn Back Time”.  At that time Cher’s age was a stunning 43.  But when asked how old is Cher Bono now, you may be even more stunned to know she’s 64.

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