How private is your private life?

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Have any of your texts, voice mails or e-mails come back to haunt you? That’s Today’s Question on MPRNewsQ, and it is timely. Let’s take a look at some of the cautionary items stories this week:

*Facebook changes its privacy settings. (You may want to take a look at how to fine-tune yours.)

*Student banned from U after Facebook posts reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

* On News Cut’s Monday morning entry, Bob Collins reminisced:

One of the first projects I started when I became managing editor of MPR’s online efforts in 1999 was this one. The Surveillance Society. Almost all of the fears in that series have come true. But here’s what we didn’t see at the time: We thought it would be others who would compromise our privacy. We never envisioned a decade in which we’d give it away voluntarily.

So, how private is your private life? That probably depends on your celebrity status, the types of surveillance you may be under, and your own decisions about how you interact online. Share your tips on how you keep your private life, well, private. Or post your opinions on privacy… I won’t report you.


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