How Rich i$ Adam Lambert?

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How rich is Adam Lambert?

At this point in his career it’s a little hard to tell. Unlike movie and TV stars who usually have their project salaries leaked online (Robert Pattinson was paid $7.5 Million for Twilight: Eclipse, Charlie Sheen makes $44 Million a season) musical acts are a little harder to gauge.

But there is some information online that gives an idea.

First of all, just being a Top 10 finalist on American Idol guarantees income from union contract appearance fees that bring in $1,000 to $2,000 a week. That’s because the competition tunes they sing on the show are picked up by iTunes and the songs they sing in the opening number on the results show are covered by AFTRA rules.

In addition, the Top 10 go out on a national tour that is steadily increasing in revenue and last year Randy Jackson revealed the number is up to about $250,000 – each.

Winning American Idol guarantees a million dollar recording contract when endorsements and advances are figured in. Record sales above that bring in even more cash.

But Adam Lambert didn’t win American Idol.

No worries. According to The New York Times, “the winner is not the only contestant who earns after the show. Last year the runner-up — Adam Lambert, whose first-week album sales were more than double those of Kris Allen — earned $300,000 in advance royalties for his first album, a $75,000 merchandising contract and $50,000 in fees from Disney World for the Idol Experience attraction.”

OK… so far that’s $425K, PLUS the estimated $250K for the tour… that means that by being the runner up on Idol Adam Lambert earned an estimated $675,000 bucks!

This past year since AI ended Adam has enjoyed spectacular record sales and he has launched his first “GlamNation” tour that’s been steadily adding dates and causing other tracks on the album to pick up steam and add to his revenue stream.

So what’s the total?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the current estimate of Adam’s wealth is… $5 Million Bucks!

Not bad for a “loser”

Way to go Adam! Keep up the good work!

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