How Rich i$ Justin Bieber?

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How rich can a new teen pop star get in just 2 short years? VERY rich. And in the case of Justin Bieber it’s a lesson for all the kids out there.

About 3 years ago, at the tender age of 13, Canadian teen Justin Bieber started posting his homegrown love song videos to his YouTube channel and soon after adoring teen girls picked up on the vibe causing his songs to go viral.

It didn’t take long for some music industry execs to sit up and take notice because in YouTube’s short life up to then it was already becoming a powerhouse media tool that blew away all predecessors for techno-fad gadget of the year.

R&B mega-producer Usher, no stranger to viral marketing, finally caught wind of the phenom and brought Justin Bieber into the fold at his own record label. Since then it’s been a fast track to the top.

With appearances on TV, 2 albums, pop chart Top 10s and a steadily growing internet fan base (which includes more than his share of false celebrity web hoaxes) Justin Bieber has thoroughly capitalized on his rising popularity and added to his ever bulging bank account. So how rich is Justin Bieber?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the latest figure is… $5.5 Million Bucks!!!

And counting…

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