How Rich i$ Lady GaGa?

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Just 2 short years ago very few people had heard of Stefani Germanotta, much less her superhero alter ego, Lady GaGa. Today you can’t turn a corner without bumping into another reminder of the most famously eccentric, brilliantly oddball musical genius to come along in decades. Not even Superman was that good.

Has all that fabulous face time paid off?

Like virtually all overnight sensations that were years in the making, Lady GaGa has a great back story, filled with bullying, rejection, ridicule, and,  finally – fanatical adoration. She fought for acceptance, even if it seemed she was selling out commercially, and she succeeded beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. (Except her own. That was the whole point. Get it?)

Lady GaGa is a new kind of Pop Star. She springs from a generation that has no conflict with commercial success when it comes to art, particularly music. If it sounds good, it is good. Who cares if a tune was picked up by Ford for a TV ad? You know what? It’s one of the best commercials Ford ever did. I still leased a a Toyota, though. I mean, come on…

Lady GaGa knows that music is a goldmine. And it doesn’t have to suck. In fact, make SURE it’s really good. The money will come rolling in.

It’s hard to quantify new found wealth. It’s all in the eye of the newly wealthy. How much is enough? For a person with Lady GaGa’s middle class background, a million bucks is the first, and probably best plateau. Even a five star General never forgets the first one. Turns out Lady GaGa was probably already a millionairess before she burst out of the pop firmement. She started as a song writer.

For someone who seems so erratic, there is the heart of a brilliant businesswoman beating beneath the blonde wig and giant shades. Let’s not even get started on the giant hats. Or the rings-of-Saturn evening gowns… sorry. She gets to me like that. Now, what was I saying… let’s see, giant boas… bikini style stadium wear… oh, yeah! The point is, Lady GaGa is serious about business.

And as she points out, the real money is in touring. Songwriting depends on fickle record sales, music videos depend on costly downloads and recording new material depends on stingy studio advances. But nobody buys a ticket to a live show expecting to walk out halfway through.

With her own ticket sales through the roof and a clamoring, enormous fanbase eager to plunk down the ducats, Lady GaGa has already amassed a fortune that will guarantee a life of comfort. And, at only 24, she’s likely to stand the rigors of the road for a pleasantly long time ahead. That would be nice. And very profitable.

As it stands right now, according to, in those 2 short years Lady GaGa has already earned for herself… $62 Million Bucks!!!

And it’s mostly from ticket sales for her two world tours. First as an opener for The Spice Girls, then striking out on her own as the headliner.

“The Fame Monster” is growing fast… And it’s rolling in dough.

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