How Sugar Affects Aging & Healthy Sugar Alternatives

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You might be noticing that there is more and more talk of healthy sugar alternatives these days.  “Healthy” meaning natural and not chemical. “Alternative” meaning not sugar.


What’s the problem with sugar?



Many nutrition experts say that sugar, particularly white sugar, is extremely harmful, possibly as harmful as a drug, especially in the quantities consumed by present day North Americans. Most experts caution against the use of sugar in the diet and if you read my Inflammation & Aging blog, you would know it is a “no-no” on the anti-inflammation diet. There are several reasons why sugar is bad for you including that sugar: raises your insulin level, promotes inflammation, suppresses the release of the human growth hormone, promotes glycation (produce toxic compounds in the body), suppresses immunity and is loaded with bad calories and causes blood sugar spikes (and then crashes). Sugar has been linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes, as well as other health issues. Here is a link to a site I found that states “146 Reasons Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health.”


In sum, when it comes to aging, sugar is your enemy.


So what is the alternative to sugar? Click to read: <!–LINK REMOVED –>Sugar, Aging and Healthy Sweeteners<!–END LINK REMOVED –>

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