How the Democrat Congress of 1993 Killed U.S. Large Science (in Texas) and Set U.S. Future Economy Waning

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When the U.S. Congress cancelled construction of the SSC project in 1993 during the Clinton administration it capped long-range U.S. leadership in particle physics research. The eleven billion dollar particle accelerator was a Reagan-era challenged that was given up on by Democrat politicians.

The Waxahachie Texas 87 mile superconductor may have nettled profit takers in the Democratic majority Congress because it was an obvious continuity of high-tech republican leadership into an era when gaying up the military and outsourcing jobs to China were big on the political agenda. The Democratic waning of special Texas science projects coincided with the rise of flam finance, mortgage trading and Wall Street flummery and eventually the present economic collapse. It would be appropriate to immediately vote to restore science in the national budget and build the Ronald Reagan Moon Base with full funding taken from the Iraq and Afghanistan extraction industry protracted lackey nation building boondoggles.

The Obama administration cancelled another Republican high tech project-the planned return to the moon of U.S. astronauts in a ditch a Texas political lead effort (G.W.H. Bush) like that of the earlier 1993 democratic-led U.S. Congress. The consequences of killing long range U.S. big science projects may be to make the U.S.A. a stumbling, reactionary, ineffective at leadership nation of small science followers struggling to top-kill tampons on Gulf oil spills for several months or years (when at least 90% containment should be achieved) along with sundry unforeseen scienceand technology failures.

I suggest that the U.S. Congress restore both projects, combining them with immediate design funding to build a very large particle accelerator on the moon exploiting its low temperature for super-conducting. The United States government should become more intelligent and innovate ways to combine several different missions in one project. The moon base and Constellation plus heavy lift system should create a lunar science and physics research facility along with a high-tech electro-magnetic transportation line to move personnel. Robotic tunneling machines, solar photon capture and production locally of select technology should be packaged in a project methodology including housing. Low temperature superconductors attached above ground on the slopes of very large craters in perennial low temperatures could be innovated at lower cost than those of present high-energy particle physics research facilities on Earth.

The United States should not acquiesce in worldly economic failures and a backward-looking operations ideology war-heavy set against foreign ‘small peoples’ in large numbers. It is better to defend the U.S.A., proximally at the borders and invest abroad in peaceful economic interventions than the social horror and virtual economic hallucination of modern high-tech war. Of all the possible scenarios for historical development to choose from-an ability a powerful nation often has, it is desirable to select optimal, utopian kinds of actualizations rather than dystopian, profligate and environmentally deleterious. Stupidity is perhaps the reason why choices in foreign policy are limited to just a few frequently. Like the U(1) SU(2) rotational axis of physics, political imaginary space may have an infinite number, rather than just a few, possible courses of action that may be brought into being.

Transformative political paradigms may be represented in Hilbert space as well as quantum mechanics. If there is one thing that might be learned from superstring theory and Lie groups that might be usefully applied to the formulation of U.S. foreign policy, it is the point that the perceptual challenges are interactively configured with personal epistemology and though paradigm constructions that can always be improved or even transformed without losing a desired identity or constant value.

An advancing civilization with new global demographic and resource challenges cannot simply continue along economic lines forged in historically different circumstances when the global resources to continue those inefficient methods no longer prevail. With billions more people on Earth today than formerly consuming far more resources and polluting the finite planetary ecosystem incessantly a transition to a higher civilization with simplified supporting structures appropriate for the demographic facts is necessary.

The surface of the Earth is heavily scarred and exploited by us human life forms. We are devastating other life on Earth creating a mass extinction of other species and even affecting the atmospheric temperature. Oil, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric and other energy production technologies are leaving vast and harmful primary and secondary effects. Billions of people more want the ‘benefits’ of such economic technologies that presently do not have access to them—and that is bad news for the health of all life on Earth including human beings. Constructing roads, bridges, dams and pipelines in the present era continues technologies deleterious for the future health of the world’s people. More advanced, efficient technologies of a simpler, less harmful displacing insinuation into the living world ecostructure are required for progress now. Breaking with the inertia of actualized technologies in a transformative progress is exceedingly challenging for political reasons.

A simplified planetary geothermal energy infrastructure of well design deep-mined thermal heating energy corridors to collect Earth heat for electrical production of steam and wind turbines could be created to eliminate all the other previously mentioned technologies of producing electricity. Excellent, low cost, energy efficient housing designs should become zoned into law along with a no-net-loss of biota principle. Economic theory needs rectification to advocate for environmental health as a fundamental goal. Minimum income for all and a free planetary transportation infrastructure should be created while strong national boundary controls are reinforced to keep order in economic and social construction. Business needs to adapt to become a more like science research projects. Business research may be conducted, but business development would need to be screened, reviewed and selected for social and environmental value before being allowed to go ahead. An advanced economy needs to recognize implicitly the significant effects upon the health of the world ecosystem of all real-world developments and democratically elect the most useful projects from amidst a competition of projects for selection.

If the needs of all citizens for adequate food, shelter, clothing and privacy are met through economic rationalism, and economics advances to the support of volunteer and private liberty time for investment in restoration of the world environment, pursuit of learning and health as lifetime activities of a normal kind. Local agriculture of an organic kind should receive public political support. Kimbell’s ‘Fatal Harvest’ details some of the problems with the present industrial agriculture totalization of food production.

It may be possible to politically attain maturity beyond the venal and ideological denunciations of cooperative political review of economic reality as socialistic or capitalistic. All matter is a kind of ‘capital’ that may be formed or transformed into various uses. The most efficient social economy is one in which basic needs of all citizens are met at a satisfactory level, and with the liberty then granted for free time, research into most optimal business or scientific developments are pursued as a kind of art activity in-itself.

These are not unrealistic or unattainable social changes. In fact they are necessary if the ad hoc yet interminable reduction of the health of the finite global ecosystem are to be stopped and reversed in order that quality human life may continue.

With population stabilization and aging global populations a low maintenance energy infrastructure is highly desirable, along with transportation. The elderly with secure housing and high tech communications and artificial intelligence in health monitoring and diagnostic software should reduce the need for much labor in home health care. With adequate universal food production and housing quality and security for the aged and all people more free time and work will be available for scientific and business research. Democratic selection of business proposals that will best materially advance the nation and world interests will be active phenomena.

Citizens will be free to acquire capital and buy products, yet no citizen should have more than 20 times the capital of the most poor. The basic social capital would become something like a right to actualize ideas in material form when basic economic needs are met for all. Inventors with accumulated social capital would have a better opportunity to actualize their proposals, yet not too much better, for it is a democracy after all.

The social theory held over from a Darwinian-Spenserian past that competition for-itself confers the right to victimize other humans and the environment is a sort of legitimization of economic cannibalism in the modern world. Large science projects such as the Orion-Constellation moon program and Super-Duper Super Conductors on the moon need to go ahead even while the usual economic messes of potage are made on Earth with unnecessary protracted wars for economic reasons and vast oil and chemical pollution continue. If the Arctic Ocean has offshore oil wells to match those of the Gulf of Mexico all the world’s fisheries and marine health will be in an industrial pincer’s lock of death. The next war that attacks and looses those oil wells could set a lake of fire to burning along with beaches and marshes flambeau.

The U.S. government seems like a government unconcerned about the long-range ecological and economic security of the people of the United States. It seems to support a disposable business product phenomenalization that reapportions political power internationally through economic methodology. The U.S. Government should at least make the Arctic Ocean and oil development free ocean through international treaty in order that at least one clean ocean will exist on Earth for a time. Water flowing north through the Bering Strait with contaminates might be filtered in theory, while the Greenland currents tend to flow south.

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