How to Administer CPR

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How to Administer CPR: (The traditional way)

This method is recommended for adult victims of drowning, choking or a drug overdose, and for children. To perform rescue breathing, remember ABC!

Make sure to call 911 before starting CPR!

How to Adminster CPR #1 Airway – Make sure the victim is flat on their back, open an airway by tilting their head back and gently lifting their chin.

How to Administer CPR #2 Breaths – If the person is not breathing normally, pinch the nose shut, put your mouth over their mouth, and give two normal breaths (each about one second long).

How to Administer CPR #3 Compressions – Do 30 chest compressions: Place the heel of your hand on the center of their chest. Put your other hand on top of the first and push straight down hard and fast, compressing the chest one and a half to two inches about 100 times a minute if they are an adult (for kids, press one third to one half the depth of the child’s chest). Lift your hands slightly after each push to allow their chest to come all the way back up. After two minutes, call 911 if no one else has and return to doing CPR.

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