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As a mom, who either needs extra income or just needs to get out among other adults for a change, it can seem difficult finding the right job to work around your kids’ schedule. I may have a few ideas that can help as there are opportunities out there just for you.

Check on line and in the classifieds for part time jobs that have hours during your children’s school hours. When my children were young I had decided I wanted to be a stay at home mom. My mom unfortunately could not be home with us and I did not want to feel like my children were going to be raised by someone else. Problem was, with 4 children, I could not afford to hire a sitter, yet we did need the extra income. At that time I decided to do home daycare (another article down the line). Once my children were all in school I needed to find a job where I could be home when they are. Someone suggested driving a school bus . . .which I already discussed in another article.

Another opportunity that is quite flexible is merchandising. When I retired from bus driving, I still needed to do something part time and found myself working as a mystery shopper which led into merchandising. I worked for 4 -5 companies at a time for a period of time to get the hours and most of the time you can do your own scheduling. There are so many companies out there looking for merchandisers and most of the time they are very flexible with your schedule. It is a lot of fun; you get to go into various stores to cut in new products, resets and audits. You can control your own schedule, getting to know the people in the stores you frequent and build adult relationships. Most of the companies work with you and your schedule through an internet site. After you complete your work at the stores, reporting your work can be done at home on your computer at your leisure (usually the same day work is completed).

Start looking for mystery shoppers (which can also be fun but not as fruitful) and for merchandising opportunities by going onto the internet and do a Google search. I actually joined a site called It is a great site but I believe there is a onetime yearly fee. Another site you can try for free, for merchandising is A few of the companies I am familiar with is Acosta, Driveline, Marian Heath, Proctor & Gamble, Cross Mark just to name a few. It is a lot of fun, you are always doing something different in different stores and most of the time it is flexible. Of course, there will be some days/weeks with new resets (changing and/or adding new products on shelves) that need to be done on certain days, certain times.

Be careful when searching online because there are so many other opportunities out there but it is always a chance we take these days when it comes to scams. If you have things around your home that are in good condition for resale, try EBay. I have another article how to get started on EBay. When it comes to writing articles from the comfort of your home, I am happy to have found this site because it is fun to share your ideas with others. Other sites I have found through other wonderful members are Bukisa, Xomba,, Factoidz, and Hub Pages. These are all very good sites to post articles to, worth checking out. I have included links to each of these sites at the end of this article for your convenience. I have also included a link to a wonderful EBook that would help you so much in your writing successes, not only on Ehow, but anywhere you choose to write. Who knows, you may even become a famous writer someday as a result. Good luck on all your endeavors and just like me, we can all help each other to succeed. I am including for you some links for you to check out and wish you the best.

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