How to get paid for walking – have you heard of S2H?

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I like walking and I like rewards so when I came across this switch to health website and checked out their colorful pedometers I was instantly hooked. How cool is that, you get fit by walking and then you get rewarded for every step you take on the road to fitness and good health.

I wish I had thought of that. Get your kids on board or get a little friendly competition going with your best friend for extra motivation.

Just in time to get you started with your New Year’s fitness and health resolutions:)

Here is how it works,

go to

order one of their colorful pedometers

recommended by the Shape Magazine, Dr. Oz (love that name), even Oprah’s trainer  

now start walking!

You clip it on your belt and every ten thousand steps you get a reward code, enter on their website and that’s it.

Your kids will love earning points towards a Nintendo or X-Box 360 and there’s plenty other goodies to choose from. Looks like it should take around eight months to earn enough points for the X-Box, but their rewards keep changing and I’d rather use mine on something like amazon or Target.

No, it’s not free, the pedometer is $24.95 plus S&H, but I like walking and I like getting rewarded and besides if I lay out a little cash, that’s a motivator for me too.

I know I wouldn’t keep up a gym or health club membership anyway, this I can do effortlessly. Best of all I can combine it with my photo walks. My photography club has something going on all the time and I’ve been wanting to get out and take pictures – which has the extra benefit of having new pics to post here on and get paid there too:)

They also have REPLAY wristbands – for every 60 minutes of exercise, you get a reward code.

S2H stands for switch to health. You can only upload one code a day. They are working on a premier membership up from their current standard only. 

I also like that they are getting a lot of attention in the press and on TV, because that means they will be around in eight months when I’m going for that X-Box or whatever.

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Disclaimer: There was no compensation involved for writing this article, I just happened to stumble across the pedometer information in the January issue of Oprah and I think it’s a fabulous idea.

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