How to increase your credit score just by paying monthly bills!

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I am so excited about a new process that I found that can increase your credit score in just three months. A friend of mines told me about it and when I found out, I just had to share the news because we as consumers need to know that this program is out here.

First of all, the benefits are there but if you want to repair your credit you do have to invest some time and money. What is easy about this is that it WILL work in YOUR favor! I signed up for the RushCard and I get about 25% of my paycheck direct deposited on the card instead of to my bank account. I was paying my monthly bills through my bank account but I wasn’t reaping the benefits of paying on time.

Now, I pay my billls with the RushCard and they report three of my bills as timely payments.

If you’re just getting over a rough patch (I’ve been there) and you can’t get a checking account because of bad credit you should check out the link below at AccountNow! I signed up and I still use my card from time to time because they had a credit rebuilder too. Also as a freelance writer I felt safer signing up for a prepaid card when setting up direct deposit and payments from clients.

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