How to Make a Ghost Rider Cake

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Now before we begin, I will admit that I'm a complete amateur and I know that my Ghost Rider cake looks a little funky. I let the kids pick what kind of cake they want for their birthday and then I make it for them the best that I can. They seem to like what I make, which is a good thing since they're stuck with me. :)

You'll need a cake mix, white frosting, food coloring, icing in a tube and/or can

First freeze your cake to make it easier to work with.

Have your willing model ready:

Trace an outline of Ghost Rider using the end of a plastic fork or toothpick.

Use a tube of black frosting (easier to work with) and make the body, use plain white frosting for the head.

Now add the face.

The hair and flame neck (yes the neck looked really funky)

Color your frosting whatever color you want and add it around your Ghost Rider (I know mine looks greenish in the picture but in person it was more grey)

Use a knife and smear it around the body

After adding the frosting around the body, use a tube of icing gel and make Ghost Rider's spikes on his outfit.

Add flames at bottom of cake:

Ask Ghost Rider if he approves.

Add black trim around cake, smear a little red icing gel to make it look more like fire and you're done.

Serve to your child and enjoy.

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