How to Make Fudge

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Knowing how to make fudge comes in handy, especially around the holidays.  Fudge-making can be both rewarding and challenging.  If you  make the “easy fudge,” that’s still a pretty tasty treat.  But making a “real fudge,” is even better.  Usually, those that don’t want to mess with themometers, (me included), know that using a condensed product is the key. Or, if you’re strapped for time, and making several dishes for a gathering, using sweetened condensed milk is the best way to go.  However, if you can make the time, try the thermometer technique just until you develop the right timing.  Then, just do what I did and throw that thermy out.  Experimentation and practice can result in a wonderful treat.

I have made numerous batches of fudge and just the smallest diversion can make all the difference between a fair-tasting fudge,and a fudge that you simply cannot help but find yourself going back for more.  Believe me,  because I’m into fitness, I am very disciplined in portion-control…but not with fudge.  In my opinion, very few candy bars can compare.

I do suggest starting out with an easy recipe. I started out using a thermometer, then tried the easier way, but I got the recipe from a “mad scientist” and came out with a too-sweet and grainy fudge.  But there are plenty of other recipes out there. Then I tried the thermy again, got my timing right and presto!

If you love chocolate combined with that cool refreshing addition, try learning the techniques that work for you; you may find yourself tossing away the other similiar treats.  And it’s not ONLY good on holidays. That’s nice too, but don’t limit yourself.  Thankyou,  Vj Miller

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