How to Make Lady Gaga’s Gross Gown Grosser? Add Salt.

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How do you make 50 pounds of raw beef grosser? Easy. Make 50 pounds of raw beef last forever.

Franc Fernandez, the designer of Lady Gaga’s famous cow couture, told E! Online that the dress is on it’s way to becoming jerky.

The meat dress, worn to the MTV Video Music Awards, took three days to design and was refrigerated between sessions and will be dried out so that it doesn’t rot.

A little research tells us that the following meats are jerkied: bovine, pig, goat, mutton, lamb, deer, elk, caribou, kudu, springbok, kangaroo, bison, moose, turkey, ostrich, salmon, alligator, tuna, horse … and NOW … Lady Gaga!

Before you start planning a party around a Lady Gaga antipasto, we should tell you the dress will be archived and not sold (or eaten!). This is what Franc Fernandez told E! Online, but can you really trust the man who made a dress out of raw meat?

And on that note, let us say no more on this topic! Ever.

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