How to Moss a Pot

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 Have you ever wondered how you can achieve the same effect as some garden gurus do when they want to get a mossy finish on a flower pot or concrete container? 

There are a couple of easy ways to do it and end up with a “decorator look” that your friends will be copying in no time! 


My favorite method is to take some already growing moss from the yard or some I collect during walks in the woods and a container of plain yogurt or some buttermilk.  Blend them both together in a mixer or in the blender, give them a whirl to break up the moss into spores; place in a shallow bowl and then generously coat the flower pots or containers using a brush as if you were applying a coat of paint.   

Keep the newly ‘moss painted’ pots in a cool, dry, shady place so the sun won’t bake it and water it regularly by using the mist function on your hose until the moss takes hold and starts to thrive.

The other method is to liberally coat the outside of a clay or concrete planter or flower pot with a liquid adhesive, such as Elmer’s glue.  Place pieces of sheet moss you can buy in garden centers, florist supply houses or hobby stores.  Sometimes it comes in rolls. 

You can fit the sheet moss to fit the contours of the flower pot of container by cutting with garden or utility scissors (do not use your good cloth cutting sewing scissors for this!) and place over the glue coated sides and even up on the rim. 

Using a glue gun, you can spot-glue the sheet moss wherever you think it needs a bit more support. 

Tie with twine or place stretched rubber bands all around it just to support the sheet moss in place until the glue dries. 

There are some very interesting mosses growing wild in the woods and forests and it is fun to see how many different varieties you can start growing on your pots!

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