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How To Recognize Me If I Try To Contact You From The Afterlife


If the dining table mysteriously rises two inches off the floor, look underneath.  If there’s a Great Dane under the table, that’s me.

If the lights flicker, that’s me.  I wasn’t paying the electric.

If the living room furniture has been moved in the middle of the night, that’s not me.  I had a hernia, remember?

If a yellow-breasted titmouse alights on your windowsill and sings, listen to the song.  If it’s Christ Lag in Todesbanden from Bach’s Orgelbüchlein, it’s me.

If you have a vivid dream that you are a contestant on Let’s Make A Deal, pick door Number Two.

If someone comes to the door and introduces himself as Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling, that’s not me.  It’s Peter Cook.

Our secret phrase is “pickled logarithms”.

If a spirit medium says, “Doug loves you and misses you,” she’s obviously a fraud.  Get your money back and get out of there.

My favorite sports mascot is not the Seattle Mariner Moose.  It’s the Evergreen State College Gooeyduck.

If you find a dollar bill on the sidewalk, that’s me.  If you find a hundred-dollar bill on the sidewalk, that’s not me.  That’s your ex-husband Jerome, the one that knew how to make money.

If there’s a housefly buzzing around the kitchen, kill it.  It’s not me, it never will be me, so don’t worry about it.

If you feel a tickling sensation on the nape of your neck, that’s me.  If you feel a tickling sensation on your inner thigh, that’s me.  If you feel a tickling sensation between your toes, ewww!  The Tinactin’s in my gym bag.

If Timothy Dalton comes to you in a dream, that’s me.  If Charles Laughton comes to you in a dream, it’s me if he’s Captain Bligh, but not if he’s Quasimodo.

If you really need to talk to me right away, go see John Edward.  He knows where I am at all times.

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