How was Skylar Dials Murdered?

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Nine-year-old child Skylar Dials was missing briefly over the past week, but the search for the little girl ended tragically. The only fortunate outcome in this horrific case is that the suspect has been arrested, but there are more details in this story. What’s more, the details behind the girl’s murder are still developing and not all are available to the public, so it would be interesting to find out exactly what happened to this child.

Griffin girl, 9, is missing photo

Little Skylar vanished around 11:00 a.m., Friday, December 21st. She disappeared while reportedly walking to see a friend. However, she never arrived at that friend’s home and her family called the police when this was realized. Her murdered body was discovered in the woods less than 400 feet from the home of her friend on Saturday morning.

“We do not know what the cause of death was. This is tragic it ended this way. There were more than a hundred people searching for her,” said Sheriff Beam of Spalding county.

So even upon the discovery of her body they don’t know the cause of death, but the arrest charges of 40-year-old Shane Clifton Collett indicates that something was done to her person to hide the cause of death. He is charged with kidnapping, murder and concealing a death.

This shocking report says that Shane Collett aided in the search for Skylar Dials, operating under the claim that he hadn’t seen her. Officials haven’t released what led them to arresting this man but hopefully it will come out along with a cause of death in this horrific child murder case. The details that are coming slowly to the media indicates the man accused of killing the girl lives with the friend she was on her way to see when she vanished. A mug shot released of the man shows scratches on his face. It’s not known if these scratches are related to the kidnapping and murder of the little girl. But family members of the slain child believe he did in fact murder her and they want revenge.

Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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