How will Erin Barry Tony Parker affair affect the NBA, Spurs and Brent Barry?

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We already know the answer to how an affair between Erin Barry and Tony Parker has affected Eva Longoria: divorce.  One word, very simple, it likely was the straw that broke the camel’s back in the celeb couple’s marriage.  However, there’s several other entities which may be affected by Tony Parker’s cheating: the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs and of course, Brent Barry.

Nov 1, 2010; Los Anglees, CA, USA; San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker (9)l during the game against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. The Spurs defeated the Clippers 97-88. Photo via Newscom

As far as the NBA goes, we’ll start there.  Pretty much anyone who is anyone in the NBA has cheated, been accused of cheating or is cheating as you read this article.  Shaq, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, the list goes on and on.  Yes, it’s sad to say, but pro athletes have access to hoards of attractive women, so they tend to stray.  Doesn’t make it right, and certainly not if the cheating is with a former teammate’s wife.  Even worse if it’s with a teammate’s mom – cough cough, DeLonte West.

The teammate in question for Parker was Brent Barry.  He’s no longer with the Spurs or the NBA for that matter.  Barry had a 14-year-career and last played in 09′ with the Houston Rockets.  You have to believe there might be some heated battles between Barry and Parker if they were to meet on the court again.  They may have had some heated conversations and arguments in the past, or Barry just might be preparing for a talk soon.  Apparently his marriage is in shambles with wife Erin Barry, the one who is considered the homewrecker, although Tony should likely take most of the blame.  Don’t worry about Barry finding work, as he works with the NBA on their NBA TV show “NBA Gametime” as a studio host.  He’s also a two-time NBA champion, and a former dunk champion, so he should have no problem finding women if he can show off the rings or trophy.

The Spurs are amazingly among the elite in the Western Conference right now.  Of course that was before the whole Tony Parker Eva Longoria mess started up.  Just Thursday night they defeated the Chicago Bulls 104-93, extending the Spurs winning streak to 8 games and overall record to 9-1.  They’re in a tie with the New Orleans Hornets for the division lead and the lead in the West Conference.  Parker had a decent game putting in 21 points with 7 assists, so this guy is obviously not so phased by the whole mess he’s in- yet.

You have to believe some of the game’s top trash talkers will go there if they need to, reminding Parker of what he did, or suggesting what they did with his wife.  That’s the nature of the beast and in the NBA, or other pro sports, many players will use whatever mind games they can to gain an edge.  It will remain to be seen if Greg Popovich and the Spurs will stay as solid as they have in the wake of this whole Tony Parker and Erin Barry affair.  They are one of the more “mature” teams in the league, at least in terms of age, so that just might help them stay focused on the task at hand, winning basketball games and getting back to the NBA Finals.

How long do you think the Spurs winning streak will go on for?  Do you think the Tony Parker Erin Barry news will cause problems for Parker and the Spurs?

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