How you know if you're having a hot flash?

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In the past couple of weeks I have been noticing that I suddenly get hot and sweaty for seemingly no reason.  More hot than sweaty.  The heat rises up my back and is hottest around my neck (I suppose it could be kundalini energy rising, but I haven't meditated in years, so that's unlikely).  For those women who have been through menopause, how can you tell if you're having a hot flash?  How do you know it's a hot flash and not just a moment of intense anxiety?  What are hot flashes actually like?  What do you experience?  Do you have them through the whole process of menopause (which is how long exactly?) or just for a short span of time?  Do women get them during perimenopause or only menopause?

I'm 48, isn't that kind of young to already be having hot flashes?  I am an often very self-conscious person, so I think people can tell when these heat waves come over me.  Can others tell when you're having a hot flash?

Is there anything you can do to prevent them from happening or do you just carry a change of clothes wherever you go?

Sigh.  The joys of being a woman.

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