Howard Stern Officially Replacing Piers Morgan on ‘America’s Got Talent’

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Shock jock Howard Stern is officially replacing America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan when the show starts up next season. How do you think this will be received by both contestants and fans?

According to a report from FOXNews, a tweet from Stern’s show confirmed the fact that Stern was chosen at Morgan’s replacement.

Howard Stern“It’s official – Howard just signed on the dotted line – he is now the newest judge on America’s Got Talent!” the tweet read.

Controversy is never far behind the crass radio personality, who already has raised some ire with a comment made about this past season’s America’s Got Talent winner. Having just met Landau Eugene, Jr. for the very first time on Wednesday, yet another tweet from the show revealed his opinion about the talented singer.

“Howard says he’s a really nice guy but he still shouldn’t have won.” the tweet stated.

Oh, boy. Do you think Howard Stern has been hired by America’s Got Talent producer Simon Cowell in a ploy to up the drama on the show–sort of in an American Idol style? Because that’s no doubt exactly what’s going to happen.

If you think Simon Cowell came up with rude and hurtful remarks on both American Idol and X-Factor, you probably ‘ain’t seen nothin’ yet’ compared to what will flow from the mouth of Howard Stern.

Will he up the drama? Definitely. Will he enrage fans and contestants? No doubt. Will people tune in to America’s Got Talent simply to see what Howard Stern has to say? Probably. And that’s most likely the reason he got the position.

What do you think about Howard Stern replacing Piers Morgan on America’s Got Talent?

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