Howard Stern to Quit Sirius Radio – What is Next for the Shock Jock?

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Howard Stern is ready to make a change it looks like. He has announced on his radio show that he is possibly leaving the Sirius XM radio show he airs four days a week when his contract is up in December. This would mark the end of the five year deal he started with in 2006. Apparently, Sirius would want to lock him into another five year deal, and he wants more freedom.

This isn’t the first time he has made mention of wanting to leave the radio show. In August, he made another such statement during a broadcast. According to NBC New York, he said the following on August 16th: “I do get a little charge out of thinking that in December we might be done.” On his September 2nd show, he said he “pretty sure” he was leaving the radio show.

It doesn’t look like he wants to leave radio completely. Someone will snatch him up! Earlier this year, he had tossed his name into the running to judge over at “American Idol” when Simon Cowell decided he was ready to bow out. He said he would do it for one hundred million, but it doesn’t appear that “Idol” took him up on his offer. The series is still figuring out its plans for season ten.

Could we still see Stern slide in as a last minute possibility? Not likely, but with how chaotic things have been with the judge selection process at “American Idol” the last few weeks, it is a world where anything is possible!

Calling himself the ‘King Of All Media,” the radio personalitiy has also had popularity on television in the past with a nightly late night program of his radio show program on E! He is far from ready to quit entirely, but it does look like he is ready to slow it down a notch. What do you think? What would you like to see him do next? For the latest in entertainment news, go here.

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