Howard Stern to Replace Simon Cowell on American Idol?

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No concrete news to report yet, but it looks like the American Idol producers are courting Howard Stern to replace the legendary Simon Cowell at the judges table for season 10 and beyond.  The New York Post reports from a source close to Idol that American Idol is one of the few shows that could compete with Howard’s $100 Million a year contract with Sirus.   Howard has made vague comments on his show about being approached by a TV Show and apparently is giving mixed messages to whether he is interested.    It could be all a ploy for Sirius to ante up for their contract renewal with him.

But let’s pause and ponder the implications of Howard Stern on American Idol.  Could it actually work?  I think we all know that we need someone mean but honest to give the final critique on Idol.  Howard definitely speaks his mind which is a big requirement.  But what about music background?  Yeah, Howard has worked in radio for a long time but Simon is a studio exec who has a talent for finding talent.  Howard would definitely make for entertaining TV and I can only imagine the controversy he could get into when arguing with Ellen Degeneris.  But is this good for the show or a last ploy to stay revelvant as the show slowly turns into something else? 

I will wait to hear further developments on this, but I still think I am out after this season!  What do you guys think?


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